Did I mention ghosts in the title? Well, that’s because they’ve been with me all my life, this one anyway and will probably be in my next. Some people dedicate their life to other aspects such as: ministers (which I am in a way), nurses, doctors, psychoanalysts (maybe I do need one but don’t think so), entrepreneurship, chefs and you get my drift or maybe you need one of those above professionals I don’t think I need. Anyway my life is dedicated to ministering for the ghosts.

With that in mind, I’m going to relate behavior and attributes I’ve seen in a few.

There’s been watch ghost. That’s better than a watch dog because when they say “Lock the door” in that voice only they can use, you lock the door. Some of them can be watch dogs who are now ghost too. By the way you can hear ghosts’ puppies speak as well and believe it or not in what I consider pretty good English (that’s because ghosts talk in whatever you can understand). This one could also be called an alarm ghost.

Alarm ghosts aren’t just for the house. They’re good at many things like being in a meeting where you’re giving a speech. I’m not good at speeches. I like to talk too much to people. So I’ll pick them out of the audience and say a few things but mostly won’t tell things they can’t handle in front of a bunch of people. You know what I mean but here’s an example. I won’t say you’re having an affair with your best friend’s husband. That wouldn’t be southern lady-like of me. But if you ever see me put my hand down palm-up, you know I’m about to make sure I don’t blurt that kind of information out. Wouldn’t be kosher. And that’s generally because my alarm ghost sounded in the form of loud words saying “Stop Now!”

My ghostly visitors come in all forms from pretty little fairy sparkles (angels do this too), to full blown earthy touch, flesh and blood looking, and sometimes downright scary ghosts. I’ve even had ghosts who have the outline of a human but were in shadow form. Think that won’t drive your little dog crazy, especially a barky little puppy dog? I can tell you it will from my own experience. That is until she learned that they were always going to be around and she shouldn’t worry about the “Alfred Hitchcock” scene stealer ghosts in the house.

A ghost was the first person I saw when I was a baby. He was my friend and confidant for, let’s just say, a lot of years. He was very serious minded, like me, and had to teach a young psychic and medium talented girl how to live in the physical world. You see I knew this man before I came to life here as well and learned a lot from him between lives and here on earth. He’s how I got my name, Da Juana. His name is John. Besides being my friend, teacher and all around good guy, he gave or I took his name.

If you can dream it a ghost can wear it. They appear older than they were at death and younger, (mostly younger-who wants gray hair and wrinkles).
People have asked if it’s hard being me. I wouldn’t know how to live without the benefit of seeing ghosts. It’s like breathing to me. Those I don’t know generally give me their reason for being around or just visit sometimes to be around someone who realizes they’re a presence (matter taking up space for you physics people). Ghosts are mostly good people and like to associate with like. Sound like your mother now don’t I?

So, next time you see someone go past just out of your line of vision to the side, and you look really quickly only to discover no one is there but you knew they were. You can even describe them. You’ve seen a ghost. A bump in the night or day-going for the dramatic here like Hollywood, with your not being unable to logically figure out is a ghost. Or you hear your name called in the supermarket so that you say, “Huh,” and there’s no one around who could have done it, you’ve just been visited by a ghost.

You can say you’ve been haunted but I don’t like that word. I like, you’ve had a ghostly encounter. Doesn’t that sound better? Just to make you feel better about your ghostly encounters, you speak with ghosts daily and you’re only a ghost in human clothing. So see, ghosts are everywhere!

By Da Juana Byrd