Most are very interested in past lives or reincarnation. And many think they are the same. Basically it’s easy to believe this because reincarnation means that the spirit or your ghosts has given up a previous physical body and is reborn into a new corporeal physique. The difference is that you are now living your life and can live later creating past lives. Whew! Did I make that clear or understandable? Hope so. But just to be clear, reincarnation is rebirth and past life is living. Is that better?

People generally come to me for learning about their past lives. This can be done either by simple hypnosis, deep meditation or my seeing (professional psychic and medium thing you know) the past lives for them.

When I see the past life it has to have some common trait also showing in their lives today. For instance I had a lady just yesterday tell me that I’d asked her one day if she was frightened of dark places. She reiterated that I said “really frightened,” meaning she didn’t want to go into a dark room at her home or garage where she knew she was safe. The kind of heart-pounding fear that makes you run into the room for the light switch or forgo the investigation of the room at all was the kind of fright I spoke of.

She looked at me for a long while, then answered “Yes,” but she thought everyone had that type fear. This lady mentioned that she’d always felt like that and even with her more than adequate years on this earth now hadn’t been able to break this fear.

At that point she told me that I said to her, “That’s because you were killed at three-years-old but before that kept in a very dark place.”

That’s when she remembered the fear of being that young and helpless.

You see, past lives bring back abnormal fears especially if you died in that past life in a violent manner. For her, she has to have complete control of all facets of her life now. That comes from being unable to keep herself safe as a toddler in that past life.

Another instance might be a past life of a man I know who had a scar on his shoulder from birth. I was unaware of this when he mentioned past lives and immediately brought up scars surviving from life to life. Because he is a very spiritual, Biblically oriented man, he hadn’t mentioned the scar on his shoulder or the fact that he remembered living with many people through the United States Civil War. I brought up that he was probably the reincarnation of his grandfather or great grandfather because he was probably shot and it never healed right. His scar remained so that he could remember the past life.

That’s when he responded that his great, great grandfather had been shot and it never healed correctly bothering him by bleeding at times for the rest of his life, which was a considerably long time. And yes, you guessed it; he was shot in the shoulder. His scar was major in his life as you’ve probably guessed both in that past life when he was shot and this life which carries a scar.

Foods you’ve recently craved after having never cared for them is another example of discovering your past life. For so many years I had no desire for Chinese food to the point of feeling ill thinking about even having that type food. Then one day after having a “quote” dream (really was the past life) I started wanting Chinese food, especially Cantonese. Later I found that I also love Szechuan but that was only because I allowed the Chinese agricultural community back into my life.

Fears, strong likes and dislikes, memories and feelings of déjà vu mark past lives while living currently. My thought is that God is the greatest recycler of all. Souls may come from other universes to be born onto earth just as we may well travel to theirs. There are no limits with the soul. And past lives and reincarnation work to reinforce our spiritual evolution.

By Da Juana Byrd