Thank God for my Bluetooth!

Thank God for my Bluetooth!

It makes me look like what others consider normal even when I’m not using it. While driving alone, I generally take the opportunity to talk with the other side. With nothing to do other than driving I get a good conversation going and find out what’s going to happen in my life by talking with the dead. That’s why driving and talking with my dead friends is very important to me. Also I learn about coming world events. And…. sometimes, like yesterday, my dead family members catch up on family conversation with me.

Before the advent of the Bluetooth I had to show a little rhythm when having my otherworldly chats even when not listening to the radio or a CD. And you know why. People driving beside me would stare if I didn’t put a little bounce in my body acting as if I were enjoying the beat of a wild song while talking to the other side. I’ve forgotten to do that more than once. And the looks people can give.

But now with the Bluetooth being worn in my ear, I just look over at the car next to me and smile. They know I’m talking with a friend. Although…….memories are coming back of having had others stop me in the grocery store to chat because they thought I was talking to them when they didn’t see the Bluetooth and I was carrying on a conversation with live people. Could I be deluding myself about other drivers realizing that I have the phone on? Maybe I should return to bouncing.

Da Juana

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