Da Juana Byrd is a psychic and a medium that, in 1980, had a near-death-experience and went to what some perceive as heaven. She returned to keep using her psychic and medium abilities which was the reason she had decided to die on an operating table. (Yes, we decide when our time has come to leave the physical.) Da Juana didn’t want to do what she’d told Jesus she would come to earth to accomplish.

While communing with God during her near death experience, Da Juana learned that life on both sides, before birth and after death, has nothing to do with religion and everything to do with God.

“Religion is not what the dead speak of: they speak of learning.”

Her return didn’t make her come out of the psychic and medium closet however. She, being the stubborn person she is, decided to wait to show her psychic and medium gifts until she could no longer stand it. Da Juana wanted to be around other purple (spiritual) people like herself and she didn’t find them in organized religion. Finally after much soul searching Da Juana started to talk about her NDE along with her psychic and medium gifts.

Ghosts and angels have been a part of Da Juana’s life both between lives and in this life as far back as she can remember. Her friend, John, is a ghost who has a most profound effect on Da Juana’s life. He made her empathic nature open completely starting when she was a child here on earth. Though she always tried to be compassionate, there were times as a child that John would ask this simple question, “How did that make you feel to treat that person that way?” But he didn’t stop there being the smart and holy ghost he was, no not by a long shot. Then he’d demand that she felt the other person’s soul to see how they felt. After all we’re only ghosts in human clothing.

Angels and ghosts come as light beings or little orbs of light dancing around the room and even come as flesh and blood looking as any earthling. Though sometimes they are quiet, most of the time they bring messages to loved ones left here on earth. It is this extraordinary psychic mediums job to get those messages out to loved ones.

Reincarnation and past lives are spiritual events Da Juana helps others understand. Da Juana Byrd doesn’t mind talking about some of her past lives to help others recognize theirs. By taking old past lives into consideration when she does a past life reading for you or she teaches you how to get in touch with your own reincarnated self, Da Juana assists you in understanding how those lives affect your present life. The foods you like, the fears you have, even your health is dictated by past lives and how they work spiritually in your life now.

Da Juana in her capacity as a psychic and a medium has worked with all types’ law enforcement on missing persons, murders and other crimes involving both human and pet. She has appeared on a variety of television and radio programs and speaks to several groups and organizations each year.

As the Founder of DailyHoroscopes.com in 1993 and working as a psychic and a medium since 1987, Da Juana is always on the forefront of metaphysical and astrological happenings. If you have a question about anything metaphysical, paranormal or even love, she’ll answer it for you.

She is grateful for her psychic and medium gift and will continue to work throughout her life before and after death to help others understand that her psychic and medium talent is a wonderful skill given to all by God. But she’ll also mention though you have those amazing gifts not everyone decides to use them. When you do, then she’s there to teach you that you can make them grow exponentially.

Psychic, medium and author Da Juana Byrd recounts her life-long communication with the Other Side and explains how everyone has the fascinating ability to do the same in her book, “Ghosts Talk.” Ms. Byrd’s poignant narrative of her near-death experience helps others understand earthly existence, end of life transition, afterlife activity and the roles these experiences play in shaping our lives. Enjoy new insight into the paranormal world through auras, colors, meditation and more.

Feelings, thoughts, dreams… We all have them, but what do they mean, what are they for and how can they be developed? Da Juana can tell you in her EBooks and videos.

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