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Da Juana Byrd, that’s me, is a Psychic and a Medium who has been this way since birth and before. Believe me being who I am isn’t and wasn’t always easy. You’ll see why as you read but I wouldn’t change it for the world.


This is a synopsis (might be boring for some) of what and who I am that changes daily as life does. Hopefully you’re getting to know me, who and what I am as you read. If you know me then you know that I’m an outgoing person but I’m also reclusive. It’s not always easy to tell others about my life. But….and it’s a huge but…being a Medium and a Psychic is like breathing to me. I wouldn’t know how to be anything else. I wasn’t always eager to let people know because of the dead man I traveled life with until I was thirty-seven. He wanted to keep me safe at a time people had problems with what I am. He was and is my ghost friend.


My Ghost Friend

The first person I remember seeing in this life is a person with whom I spent life-before-life including this one. I know that sounds crazy but that and more has made my life what it is today. And the decision was made by me before I ever came to this earth. I can remember sitting at my ghost friend’s feet in a hall that looked much like Abraham Lincoln’s throne in the Capitol of the United States. He sat speaking with my eagerly awaiting his next words. This ghost is and was a spiritual teacher that I recognized and trusted to tell me it was okay to see all the ghosts who were strangers that graced my life daily.

Near-Death Experience or NDE

And if communicating with ghosts wasn’t enough I had a near-death-experience or what some call a NDE in 1980 while having surgery and went to what some perceive as heaven. It was clearly a place that was miraculous with its beauty and warmth which came from the golden-yellow light in which I was immersed.

People were with me there and the feeling of love was overwhelming. I saw my grandmother, my mother’s mother, whom I’d never met in this life waving at me from a long distance away. At the same time, the two earthen guides who were chasing me asking me to return to life were saying, “You don’t have to do this now.”

I’m not saying I’m hard-headed but when I’m enjoying something I don’t necessarily like someone else to tell me I can’t do what I’d like. These guides weren’t telling me I had to stay there but they were telling me that I didn’t have to come home then. After experiencing and seeing some amazing things, finally, I decided that I’d return to earth to do what I’d told Jesus I would.

What I told God I’d do.

The decision that made me come back to earth was made when I thought about what I’d told God I’d do. After making the statement to the two earthen guides that I didn’t want to do what I’d told God I’d do it hit me that I wasn’t keeping the promise I’d made to God.

That promise was to use my Psychic and Medium abilities for the good of all. That was the very reason I’d decided to die on an operating table. (Yes, we decide when our time has come to leave the physical.) I didn’t want to do what I’d told Jesus I would come to earth to accomplish in the first place. Like many humans I didn’t want to embarrass my family or myself by my chosen mission.

While communing with God during my near-death-experience, I, Da Juana Byrd, learned that life on both sides, before birth and after death, has nothing to do with religion and everything to do with God, learning and love.

One of my ghost friends I didn’t really enlightened me through our talks,

“Religion is not what the dead speak of: they speak of learning.”

Ghost are so logical and say the most prophetic things. It’s amazing.


Coming out as a Psychic and a Medium.

My return didn’t make me come out of the Psychic and Medium closet right then however. I had to think about it even though I knew one day soon it would happen. And like most big decisions in life I decided to wait to show my Psychic and Medium gifts until I could no longer stand it.

More and more psychic events happened that I was aware of with precognitive extra perception even if given the information by ghost or just simply knowing. When I have such horrible things occur metaphysically, even knowing it’s going to happen without my having control over the situation, it makes me feel awful. There are no co-incidences in life. Everything happens for a reason. All the bad things I was seeing only gave me the push to come out of the Psychic and Medium Closet.

Finally, I blurted out to my dead ex one morning upon awakening that I had to have him believe me now. As I said nothing happens by accident and all the events of my life had been leading up to this day.

I wanted to put my Psychic and Medium talents to use doing what I’d told Jesus I would do when I was very young.  Moreover, I, Da Juana Byrd, wanted to be around other purple (spiritual) people like myself. After much soul-searching I started to talk about my NDE along with the Medium and Psychic gifts I use.

Da Juana Byrd’s Paranormal Senses

Da Juana (that’s me) in her capacity as a Psychic and a Medium has worked with all types’ law enforcement using her paranormal senses for missing persons, murders and other crimes involving both human and pet. I, Da Juana Byrd, have appeared on a variety of television, radio programs, have written and been written about in newspapers and magazines and speak to several groups and organizations to educate others in their own paranormal capacities.

As the Founder of DailyHoroscopes.com in 1993 and working as a Psychic and a Medium openly since 1987, I, Da Juana, am always on the forefront of paranormal, metaphysical and astrological happenings. (It sounds as if I’m arrogant but if you know me you know otherwise.) If you have a question about anything metaphysical, paranormal or even love, I can answer it for you and if I have issues one of my ghost friends can take over as well.

I am grateful for my Psychic and Medium gifts and will continue to work throughout my life before and after death to help others understand that my Psychic and Medium talent is a wonderful skill given to all by God. I’ll also mention though that you have those amazing gifts too. Not everyone decides to use their talents however. When you do, then I’ll be there to teach you through my sites and otherwise how you can make them grow exponentially. Get ready you’re about to see a little more self-serving advertising about me, Da Juana Byrd.


Published Author

Psychic, Medium and author Da Juana Byrd recounts her life-long communication with the Other Side and explains how everyone has the fascinating ability to do the same in her book, “Ghosts Talk.” Da Juana’s poignant narrative of her near-death experience helps others understand earthly existence, end of life transition, afterlife activity and the roles these experiences play in shaping our lives. Enjoy new insight into the paranormal world through auras, colors, meditation, past lives, future lives and more.

Feelings, thoughts, dreams… We all have them, but what do they mean, what are they for and how can they be developed? Da Juana can tell you in her eBooks and videos.


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Da Juana’s Psychic and Medium Predictions

Da Juana gives her psychic predictions yearly under her Da Juana’s Psychic Predictions page but she also gives them thorough the year on her blog under Da Juana’s Blog.

I told you that this was going to be self-serving advertising but I’m also here to help as much as possible. Of course I can’t get to everyone who contacts me but I try to do the best I can by giving information to help those who need. You’ll also find information on my sites about your pets and their spirits.

Please enjoy your time here on DaJuana.com. Laugh, Learn and Question. I tend to sometimes do more than I should on Da Juana’s blog when I relate my Psychic and Medium experiences and give my thoughts on some matters perhaps I shouldn’t.