An unusual voice, Amy Winehouse, bid the world goodbye the other day. Some may call it tragic that this star died with an air of suspicion hanging over her life because of drugs and her lifestyle but I think better.

We’ve heard that she joined the “27 Club” meaning she, along with other greats, died at the age of twenty-seven leaving the world to marvel at talent wasted. Instead of reflecting on the bad let’s look at the spiritual lesson drawn from this “tragedy.”

Suppose Amy, like countless other stars, came to this earth to teach us all not to take our lives for granted and, moreover, to take responsibility for our actions whatever they may be. Her very public life as she went up the charts and down the tubes in health made us all shake our heads and think that she had it all and wasted it.

Actually her life was a gift to the world. Some who are on the brink of forgoing responsibility for their lives may take a real hard look at her life and think that’s not for me. Others might come to realize that their quest for bigger and better is and was in their life from birth. We have it in us to be happy or to be sad. Seeking outside influences in the form of drugs, alcohol or any other numbing substance isn’t living. It’s copping out.

Each decision we make is a spiritual one and though she may have stopped the drugs and alcohol prior to her death, she had karma created by her to pay. When we abuse ourselves, we must always reap the consequences. At any point in time we can make life better by remembering that our body is our lifeline here on earth and because of this needs to be treated with the highest of importance. Caring for yourself requires care for your spiritual vehicle.

Though I haven’t really looked at Amy from a psychic perspective during her life, other than to thoroughly enjoy her music, I have to wonder if she feared dying alone. As the Bible dictates via Job, “That which I fear most has come.”

Amy, you’ll be missed.

Thanks for the blessings,

Da Juana

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