Ghosts seem to come to me more when I’m stressed. Although I see them every day there are times it seems like Grand Central Station in my home or wherever I am.

Most of the time ghosts give me my space or show themselves in a room that’s close enough for sight but still gives me plenty of room. Last week, however, when I was worried about Madeline some came so close they almost bumped my left shoulder.

The feeling I got was that they were here to remind me that there is life greater than our physical life on earth. Also, many were sympathizing with me because they knew I could see and hear them and was out-of-my-mind with worry. I seemed to be flying on autopilot. My ghostly friends were there to extend a helping hand.

Ghosts are a comfort to me and make great alarm methods although I like state-of-art physical alarm systems too. Many times they’ve warned me to be careful of a person or situation and they always turned out right.

When ghosts know you see and can communicate with them they make it a point to appear to you. You’ll notice when they’re around that you need to drink a little more of your favorite beverage. Just make sure that it’s something hydrating and not an excuse to become alcoholic.
Another thing about all the ghosts in my house is that while they’re with me they’re also carrying on their lives just as if I’m not with them. I catch their movements and actions.

One last week was going through what looked like a bookstore door. It was some type quaint little shop. The colors surrounding some of them were similar to colors I see in my precognitive dreams.

At any rate, I’m glad they’re here.

Da Juana

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