It’s hard to write my blog today when all I can think of is the little one I just lost. And I know you find this funny coming from a medium because I can see and hear my beautiful little dog even after she’s left this restricting world behind. But….it’s the physical contact that keeps me crying though she wishes I wouldn’t.

Since I try to find logic in everything and with my thinking of her incessantly, I started thinking of when she chose to die and that was on the twenty-second. Remembering her first effort to pass on the prior month, I looked back to see what date it was which was an eleven.

Of course my next question to her was, “What’s with all the two’s?” And I’m still trying to use reason for this. Both are master numbers in numerology which seems befitting for my furry friend.

After all she’s taught me so much in her short life. Bravery, not the kind you might be thinking, but the kind that had her getting up every day with a smile and a “Good morning” for all who might be in the house. This even though she was in pain most of her life.

The zeal with which my shoulder puppy lived caused me to overcome some of life’s exhausting challenges with a little more grace and smiles.

My hope is that she’ll come back to me soon in a healthier version.

Da Juana

P. S. If you’d like to read more on reincarnation and how my puppy dog might return, please read And if you have a thought on why she chose those numbers, please enlighten.