Ghosts in the mirror……

Ghosts in the mirror is our subject yet again because you seem to be finding more and I like that. Always keep an open mind. There is no one on the staircase there that is still of this world. If you look into the mirror you can see there is no one physical standing on the staircase. But there are several ghosts in the mirror.

Gail has found another as you can see by her message below but you haven’t found them all yet. Look again. And I love this too because they’re allowing everyone to see what I see every day.

“The boy I see is right above the door…between the top of the door and the crown molding or whatever that is that looks like crown molding.  I only see the face with his brown hair. I do see what looks like a young blonde girl in a white dress on the staircase, but, that image is very faint.  This is fun! (I’ve never seen a ghost before.)”

And Gail, congratulations, you have now and I’m hearing that you’ve seen a ghost when you were younger, probably in your teens or eight-years-old.

Have fun looking.

Da Juana

P. S. By the way, I see at least two more.