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Psychic, Medium and author Da Juana Byrd recounts her life-long communication with the Other Side and explains how everyone has the fascinating ability to do the same in her book, “Ghosts Talk.” Da Juana’s poignant narrative of her near-death experience helps others understand earthly existence, end of life transition, afterlife activity and the roles these experiences play in shaping our lives. Enjoy new insight into the paranormal world through auras, colors, meditation, past lives, future lives and more.

Feelings, thoughts, dreams… We all have them, but what do they mean, what are they for and how can they be developed? Da Juana can tell you in her eBooks and videos.


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Da Juana’s Psychic and Medium Predictions

Da Juana gives her psychic predictions yearly under her Da Juana’s Psychic Predictions page but she also gives them thorough the year on her blog under Da Juana’s Blog.

I told you that this was going to be self-serving advertising but I’m also here to help as much as possible. Of course I can’t get to everyone who contacts me but I try to do the best I can by giving information to help those who need. You’ll also find information on my sites about your pets and their spirits.

Please enjoy your time here on Laugh, Learn and Question. I tend to sometimes do more than I should on Da Juana’s blog when I relate my Psychic and Medium experiences and give my thoughts on some matters perhaps I shouldn’t.