2012 Predictions

2012 Predictions


I’m so aggravated, as I know most are, with all the negative events in the world that I decided to put the best first this year. Please bear with me, better things are harder to see because they lack the ferocious mental consciousness that bad does.

Doing predictions for the world isn’t as easy as doing a reading for a person even when I can’t see that person.

Global consciousness is changing, some good, lots of otherwise. It’s the calm before the storm over the next two-three years.

Though the economy is slowly creeping up by silly millimeters and will have some awkward downturns at least three times this year starting in March, maybe again around April, then again in the latter months (August or September) of the year. Those downturns won’t last. In other words you’ll see downs and take a deep breath in anticipation. Then the next month you’ll see extreme highs.

We have to come to the realization that we are now a world economy and we’re actually dependent on one another.

Like Brad Pitt, who’s helping to rebuild New Orleans, you’ll hear about a noted celebrity who’ll with a larger group try to make people aware of helping others. And yes, I know that we’ve had many stars try to help by doing concerts and giving of their status but this is on an educational and monetary commitment basis.  (I think it might have to do with dessert or South American regions)

A whistle blower will come forward with information that may not shock many but will seal the fate of a company who thought that they’d be able to continue to get away with their hurtful practices. This light-haired person will be frightened for life. It reminds me of Salmon Rushdie and his having to hide for his life.

A new baby will make people realize that science truly is astounding.

Another famous kiss will be captured coming from an unexpected source and there will be no doubt as to intention.

Okay, now on to more because I think I’m moving away from the good.

Oklahoma to Kansas
Gunshots will ring out once again putting others into danger.

Is it a plane? No, it’s something completely out of this world. Lights in the sky will make UFO sightings commonplace for a couple of days.

California to Nevada, perhaps Utah
Two earthquakes happening in tandem moving from west to east will happen at about the same time.

Colorado, Wyoming, Nebraska
A falling in like earth movement in the west close to Denver or along that parallel will make us aware of more changes to come.

New York
Around the first of the year, a serious bomb threat such as you’ve seen before, may come to light. Part of it may be thwarted. The stock market is implicated. At the same time something in another part of the country will get our attention and may be the Trojan Horse.

An old volcano acts as if it’s coming back to life.


A disaster between 30 and 46 degrees latitude but closer to the 46 degrees. Many will be upset for loved ones.

Water will cause a disaster that will divide a town.

Canada will see a disaster which could be land movement or a ship colliding to lose it’s content on its west coast.

The east keeps coming again and again to me but I don’t understand why. This could happen around March or April.

Definite proof of movement with this land mass will be reported making us wonder if the poles are really changing.

It will look more like a war zone around the border when two factions decide they’ll take over the country. Make no bones about it. This is war for the life of the whole country although we have no right to say much because we’ve let politicians take control of our country.

A person with this heritage will bring more intelligence to computer systems making, and I know this will surprise you (tongue-in-cheek), old systems really obsolete. He’s been working on this for about five years but will reveal it this year.

With the unrest of our world, over throwing countries isn’t limited to tyranny. Democracy will see it raise its head.

China will be seen in a more favorable light to the world with its renewal of respect for itself. Old ideas won’t be completely thrown aside but it will take into consideration modern views on how to help it and others.

Around the 120 degree longitude China will need help because of a natural disaster.

A nuclear disaster will occur around 45 degrees latitude, I think, in a European nation.