2017 Psychic World Predictions

2017 Predictions done on December 27, 2016

As always I don’ t want these predictions, if they’re not good, to happen but this psychic and medium has to tell you what I see. I’m not 100% and always strive to be. Also it’s harder to see for the world because they’re not a person sitting in front of you. It’s your spirit after all that we psychics and this medium see. It’s easier to read for that person on the phone or right in the room because, for me, I’m hit with stronger images and psychic impressions when you’re right in front of me unless the issue is really a concern for me.

Say prayers for us all and stay safe.

Da Juana Byrd

United States

In Alabama (I think) around or below Montgomery or Georgia close to Florida and water, there is to be an explosion or some type problem with blood shed.

A small country right under Russia on the world map will present a scary problem for President Trump in eight weeks or months from him winning the election or his inauguration.  Russia will be a protector of this country and will say they have nothing to do with what was done. In truth, they’re waiting to see what he will do about it.

A plane traveling from West to East in the northern central states will crash under suspicious circumstances.

There might be attempts which remind me of a Kennedy having issues like her father. She will be safe but scared.

A mine collapse in Colorado possibly around Denver. It’s a deep hole in the ground.

A woman whose name starts with an “O” will be affected by a health scare in the warmer months this year but it will be short lived. It’s her or someone she loves.

A star with a “T” name like Taylor is held up in scandal.

“G” like governor starts the name of someone who was held in high esteem losing his place in stardom.

Rosie or an “R” named woman has serious health issues which may include death around August or September.

Around Carson City, Nevada and Sacramento, California, earth shaking events will occur.

Anchorage Alaska will have a problem with water before summer or after fall but I think it’s earlier because it’s cold but not too cold and surely not hot. Though I’ve never been there the sun looks like it could even be the first of June.

Our economy will not be much better than it is now. We may think because we have a new administration it will be but you’ll see that it’s not by June or July. I hope I’m wrong. The poor get poorer and the rich get richer with no middle class. Hopefully Mr. Trump can Trump this as he said he would but I don’t think he’ll get the help from those he needs. Say prayers for our new President and for us. He’s going to have some trials this first two years, more so than any other time in his Presidency. And please can we stop this bickering over politics. All presidents have done something good while in office and like all of us are human too which means they might do something that we don’t all like as well.

Around the World

More airplane disasters are in the news, one around March through May, possibly in the Med or below.

A submarine has issues and is brought into the news as well with an “M” associated with it.

A Swedish bank will change its policy on banking one time because it feels that the culprit needed to be punished. As ever it may keep what it’s done secret but like every other secret in public places, it will come out.  A bank professional may suffer a great loss.

High water that could be caused by weather will hit the Caribbean around St. Bart’s.

An earthquake in Peru close to Ecuador and Colombia does damage and scares even more.

A beloved Irish person with a name starting with a “J” or “G” but it sounds like a “J” rather than the “G” (maybe a silent “J”) dies this year with many people mourning for him like a Pope would be.

Something huge shows up over Chile. Think it takes up some of the atmosphere.


Much of the same weather we’ve seen before but two more violent storms since we’ve had in the past five years in the US and Australia with more coming to New Zealand, perhaps even cooler in New Zealand.


The Super Bowl will be played with a team of Gold or Yellow and one of White or Blue (Hope it’s my Cowboys). I tried looking at the different teams uniforms. So I like the Steelers and of course my Cowboys.  It’s hard when you want the Cowboys to win to see any other team win or at least it is for this psychic and medium.