Da Juana Byrd Medium and Psychic 2018 Predictions


Da Juana Byrd


Making predictions for the world isn’t as easy as making predictions for a person. Picking items out of the air for the world is like a wave of information washing over you. When a water wave hits you, one doesn’t think of the drops within the wave but of the water sweeping you away. It’s so dramatic.

Hatred is such a part of the world’s people now that it’s hard not to see only bad things. They are the ones that show up the most. Believe me when I say I’d love to see some good events in the future but I think they’re years away from what I see of future events. Hopefully, I’m wrong. Below is only a portion of what I see.


Weather for the United States

In 2018 I see three very large storms again with three midrange storms between them. Devastation will be repeated in some places but moved to the east by little degrees.

United States

Rome or the city starting with an “R” in United States has a big problem there. It’s around where the plane went down in Ohio during 911. The number “7” is indicated here. That could be the day of the month, the month or where it’s located.

In a triangle from Mid Texas to Denver Colorado down to the west side of Arizona we’ll experience unusual happenings plus a cold wave unlike what we’ve seen before.

Looking at a map of Texas above and to the left of Austin a movement is started that is seen as help at first. I’m reserving my thoughts on this one. It’s not like Waco but part of its structure might be faulty.

In North Carolina either a train or a plane crashes causing lots of unhappiness.

Midway in the state of California an earthquake slices across the state in an “M” month I think. It could make it to July but I think it’s before then. It almost looks like a “J” laying on its side with the cup facing New York.

Lake Superior close to the Canadian side will be in the news for something usually found in the ocean.

A volcano opens its vents again but is deemed okay when it only growls a little. There are no little volcanos. This happens in the Northwest.

Another spill in the Gulf of Mexico will have people talking. My only problem with this is that they talk and don’t do anything about it.

Above the triangle I was speaking of earlier in Arizona, Texas and Denver, Colorado over Arizona is where I see terrorism raising its ugly head. Remember any practice that kills people is terrorism whether the perpetrator is from here or another nation.

People in the News

A woman with an “H” name will be really worried about her health.

Pregnancy benefits some but when it’s really unexpected it can be more than a dream for the person starting with a “P” or “T” name.

A car crash and wondering why is in the news for a well-known male actor or singer/actor.

Two children who speak as one will lose one member of the family. Grief is hard to bear for twins.

Another congressman is thought to be gunned down in October or April. Both months have some factor in the happenings.

Another politician is in grave danger.


For people in the middle class and lower the economy will continue to deteriorate. There’ll be times it looks as if it will get better, then the bottom slowly continues its downward fall again. This has been happening since 2008 and isn’t really getting better.


The World


Northern part of the Island, there is an explosion. The number 6 is involved.


Fire in the northeastern middle part of Russia.


Canada is praised for being the best perhaps in governing. Everyone is smiling. This seems to come in the summer months or when the Sun is shining brightly.

A new archeological finding on or close to the east coast brings clarity to who really got there first.


In the middle part of the country (almost center) the economy is getting a boost from a company that really is helping the Indian people.

The part of India that is right across from Thailand on the map close to the ocean will see illness that worries most.


A cave-in or earth movement that is in close proximity to Peru will happen in a “J” month.


New papers about World War II will surface.

Falkland Islands

Icebergs will make the news and it won’t be summer there.


Weather patterns are changing and will be seen on the western most side of the map on the peninsula.


In Sichuan possibly close to Gansu another earthquake or an accident creates havoc when the United States is getting close to spring. It’s still cool but getting warmer when this occurs. The world will offer help because the situation is so vast.