2019 Psychic World Predictions by Da Juana Byrd

World Predictions for 2019 and Later

Here are my predictions for 2019 which I really didn’t want to give this year. I haven’t for the last few years because of things I see coming. Maybe it’s because I don’t have patience for people’s mean acts to others or maybe it’s because, and this is more likely, I want everyone to love one another. We all know that doesn’t happen.

Anyway, here are the predictions. Remember that predictionsfor a country isn’t as easy as having a person to predict. 

United States of America

There is the death of a politician unexpectedly happening but it will be from an illness he didn’t know he had. He’s younger than most that have tenure in the government.


Something President Trump does in 2019 will put him in presidential office again.

I remember the flack I got before he was elected because I said he would be elected in 2016. The calls I got on election night had people who wanted him there in despair because they thought he wouldn’t be. Even some of my closest friends were panicked as Mr. Trump was. I had to reassure several people who have my unlisted number, “Wait until the election is over and the results come in.”

Guess what, unless the world changes, he’s going to do itagain. It doesn’t mean I’m voting for him though so don’t become upset with me. People act as if it’s my fault when I give a prediction. It’s not. I only read what’s put out here or what the ghosts tell me.


The death of a beloved person with a “D” or “W” in his or her name will make us sad.

A plane goes down over the mid part of the US. It could have something to do with the Dakotas. At least three are dead.


A Disaster happens around the famous prison. It may just beSan Francisco but I see the island prison as part of it. That’s two islands inmy predictions.


Though the stock market is making us wonder what is happening with the economy now around June 2019 you’ll be glad you’re in it. Keep the faith. Some of us will have reason to smile.

Banking is changing. This is only the beginning.


Until we take care of our earth as we’re supposed to, you’ll see more weather like we’ve had and even worse. I was looking for Noah  here in Texas this year and that’s not theweather station either.

Four major storms, not necessarily hurricanes in at least two of the places already hit. A “P” comes to mind for this prediction.

Around the World

A catastrophe will make the world gasp. I would hope that would be enough to make us nicer to each other but I’m hearing it won’t. That’s sad.

Jordan, Saudi Arabia

The rest of the world feels the effects of terrorism. I think it’s Saudi that will feel it this year around the first four months from a disgruntled group who feels Saudis have turned on them.


There’s a huge problem with snow and issues with people being hurt around an “M” or “A” month. It looks as if an avalanche has happened next to a mountain and town but I don’t know if that is what caused it.


Reed or Reeves is the name I’m hearing for an event that’s happening in the last part of spring or first part of summer. I see sun and green plants. There’s excitement in the air.

In Ontario a killing happens that has the eyes of the world on the inhabitants and the person killed.

Australia and NewZealand

Australia, you know I love you and New Zealand. And I know y’all are separate. Though your weather won’t be great, you’re going to receive some good news about games in twin months. Think that means two months that are touching. Enjoy but watch out for your weather this next year Australia. New Zealand be watchful of the ground moving around May.


Bad news returns. It has something to do with the radiation incident you had before.

A new disease is found here that acts like AIDS did.

South Pacific Island

I’m not sure which island on which this will occur but I see huge movement almost like sinking in a circle and popping back up in that same circle, something like Yellowstone. This will happen before September. The weather looks different then, almost cold where it takes place. The initials of the island might have an “N” in it.


The Northern part of Mexico close to Arizona or New Mexico a wall will fall.


UFO’s anyone. Well Brazil will see what the fuss is about. One word of caution though, not all UFO’s are from outer space.

Prediction for the World overall within twenty years, maybe twenty-one. It might take thirty years.

Now here is a prediction for the world which will change the world as we know it.

All across the world you can see politicians using their influence to change the shape of the world.

All money comes from one source. That source has created wars and financed both sides. Our politicians, if not at the beginning of their tenure then while in office, change their objectives so that theirs and money are one and the same.

With that in mind, the world will become one world government. Didn’t I see this with John the Revelator or was it Nostradamus. 

Money will be done digitally and flow around the world within seconds.

All nations will become like our states in the US under one government. Each state will pretend to have authority over its inhabitants but….

Patriotism will become world patriotism. It’s not going to be a world of euphoria either. There will still be the struggles and inhumane treatment that causes issues now. There will just be a quicker reception for those who have this issue.

If you’d rather remain individual then you’d better step up to the plate and take care of this now. Our ecology is more important than you think and our way of life is too.