Talking back…..

Today I got this blog comment.  Generally I am quiet when I get something like this but not this time. 
“I noticed that you charge $115.50 for a half-hour reading. I was wondering if the preacher makes that much per half-hour sermon.  If you were doing readings “all day long-seven days a week”, that’s $12,936 a week only working 8 hour days.  Don’t know about your psychic abilities, but just that one comment just destroyed all credibility you may have had.

Bob, I don’t do readings 8 hours a day for profit or otherwise.  For one thing I don’t think I could stand up to doing so and for another, the emotional toll it would take on me is astronomical.  After seeing clients, whether paying or not, I generally have to rest because I am an empath.  Being an empath means I usually feel everything the person I am reading for and anyone associated with them feels.  Most often, after a day of reading for people, I feel high.  Once up, you know you have to come down.  That can be something else too.  Mind you, I’m not complaining.

There are many times that I give my services away for free, more often than not.  And there are times I give my services to law enforcement agencies too, generally at my expense.  Any time I go outside my home and meet new people, they ask me to prove I am a psychic.  I don’t think I have ever seen anyone ask a minister, of which my father is one, to prove that he or she is a minister.  On another note, people who have my phone number, call me at all hours, day and night, to ask a question or to get me to answer one for their friends.  So, yes Bob, I am on call 24-7 and I don’t get paid that much a week.  I really wish I did though.   


My nature is to take care of everyone if I can and to let them know that the psychic is something real, especially my mediumship.  There are many times that I do that without ever getting a penny.  So, Bob, before you go spouting off about how bad I am in getting paid what I do, and by the way, you are wrong there too, know the facts.  There is an old saying, “Walk a mile in my shoes.”  Do that before you are so quick to condemn.

Oh, and another thing.  I love what I do and would probably be skinny and without a home if that was the only way I could do it.  Thankfully, it is not.  Would you be willing to do that for your vocation?  God told us to desire a cup that was full to overflowing. 

Da Juana
Claude just told me, after I told him no, that I should tell everyone in the Dallas/Fort Worth Area that I would be on NBCi5 tomorrow at 10:30 AM with Deborah Ferguson.