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Today I got this blog comment.  Generally I am quiet when I get something like this but not this time. 
“I noticed that you charge $115.50 for a half-hour reading. I was wondering if the preacher makes that much per half-hour sermon.  If you were doing readings “all day long-seven days a week”, that’s $12,936 a week only working 8 hour days.  Don’t know about your psychic abilities, but just that one comment just destroyed all credibility you may have had.

Bob, I don’t do readings 8 hours a day for profit or otherwise.  For one thing I don’t think I could stand up to doing so and for another, the emotional toll it would take on me is astronomical.  After seeing clients, whether paying or not, I generally have to rest because I am an empath.  Being an empath means I usually feel everything the person I am reading for and anyone associated with them feels.  Most often, after a day of reading for people, I feel high.  Once up, you know you have to come down.  That can be something else too.  Mind you, I’m not complaining.

There are many times that I give my services away for free, more often than not.  And there are times I give my services to law enforcement agencies too, generally at my expense.  Any time I go outside my home and meet new people, they ask me to prove I am a psychic.  I don’t think I have ever seen anyone ask a minister, of which my father is one, to prove that he or she is a minister.  On another note, people who have my phone number, call me at all hours, day and night, to ask a question or to get me to answer one for their friends.  So, yes Bob, I am on call 24-7 and I don’t get paid that much a week.  I really wish I did though.   


My nature is to take care of everyone if I can and to let them know that the psychic is something real, especially my mediumship.  There are many times that I do that without ever getting a penny.  So, Bob, before you go spouting off about how bad I am in getting paid what I do, and by the way, you are wrong there too, know the facts.  There is an old saying, “Walk a mile in my shoes.”  Do that before you are so quick to condemn.

Oh, and another thing.  I love what I do and would probably be skinny and without a home if that was the only way I could do it.  Thankfully, it is not.  Would you be willing to do that for your vocation?  God told us to desire a cup that was full to overflowing. 

Da Juana
Claude just told me, after I told him no, that I should tell everyone in the Dallas/Fort Worth Area that I would be on NBCi5 tomorrow at 10:30 AM with Deborah Ferguson.


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  1. ReplyChristy
    I can't help but put my two sense on this blog. To me, it seems that preachers and mediums are two different things in first place. I rememeber growing up listening to preachers and how they told the congregation to fear god. That really brings the money in there.. Something like, if you take care of the preacher then you'll be rewarded more in heaven!! From a mediums point of view, the money isn't the object. It is nice to have, but mediums just want to help that person who has paid to come see them and help reach the person he/she wants to communicate with on the otherside. The person is more apt to be open minded if the person has sought after a quality paid mediium. In return a fullfilling reading is held and both parties are lifted spirtuality.
  2. Replynealparr
    You left off the quote. I was merely commenting on your own words. Quote: “While we are on the subject, some good church-going people have mentioned that I shouldn’t be paid for my gift but they don’t mind paying the preacher. How long do they think I could live with reading for everyone all day long-seven days a week—without having money to feed, clothe and keep a roof over my head?” Let's word it another way... If you were to see two clients a day for a half-hour reading each, and then you take a day off for recuperation from that hour's worth of ordeal, then you are are still working at least three out of the seven days in a week. 3 x 2 x $115.50 = $693 a week... and you only work 3 hours! That's $2,772 a month only working 12 hours out of the entire month. Your post didn't address what my comment was actually about. You said, "some good church-going people have mentioned that I shouldn’t be paid for my gift but they don’t mind paying the preacher." And what I was getting at is: Do you know any preachers that make that much? Of course they don't mind paying the preacher. The preacher doesn't charge that kind of money.
  3. ReplyCosmic_Tiger
    If I was a good enough psychic, I would want to be paid for it. However, there are times my gift would be used and not for money. I am sure there are many times Da Juana uses her ability and does not get reimbursed for it. I would be more inclined to pay Da Juana than a preacher.

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