Merry Christmas…..

On the subject of time moving so quickly, a friend wrote after reading my blog that she has been telling all of her patients, “It’s almost Christmas,” even though we’re far from it.  What a wonderful sentiment.  Christmas is generally a time of giving, not only of gifts, but also of yourself and your time.  She put a blessed new spin on how I’ve been feeling.  Now when I think of living by the calendar, I think of Christmas.  More...

Because of her I have a smile on my face.  This lady always lifts me when I’m down and she’s helped me more often than she knows.  We met through email and have never formally seen each other but she has a place in my heart nonetheless. 

She also wrote that she never thinks of gifts before about November but she’s already getting ready for a wonderful Christmas by thinking of what to give.  She’s given me the gift of information and friendship over the years and for that I’m grateful.

So to mark this very smart lady’s friendship and intelligence…..we’re both born in the same month……I want to say to everyone…….. “Merry Christmas.”

Da Juana