A beautiful little ghost puppy dog…..

The other day while sitting on my sofa doing something which I can’t remember I saw movement beside me and noticed a beautiful little ghost puppy dog to my right. Just a moment before seeing this lovely little animal I had stopped to notice the way the light reflected from a window across from me.

Right after being amazed by the beauty of the light in my den is when the dog moved and I caught sight of her. She was a tiny little white dog much like my Gabrielle who was sitting right beside me on my left. The only difference was that she had brownish-black spots on her ears yet I knew she too was a very small Maltese.  Her eyes could see right through me as they had before. When she said “hello mother” to me and I heard my little baby dog, Madeline, speak. Listening to her salutation I knew my baby had stopped by for a moment just to let me know she’s fine. Being close to Mother’s Day was an added bonus.

For a medium like me that’s the best kind of present. Being able to see your lost-to-the-physical loved ones is a great gift along with being able to hear them even if they’re animals. But it makes you miss them even more which is such a mixed blessing. Now, I’m left to wonder if she’s returning to life soon or has she already because she’s gotten smaller than she was before when showing herself to me all the other times since her death but the look is the same. To say her eyes were haunting doesn’t do the beauty of them justice.

You can say that it’s a mother’s wish to see their furry child again and maybe even a little mind-game but I know I saw mine and I know she’s okay. Just wish I could place her on my shoulder one more time and smell her beautiful little self with maybe the playful motion of sucking the juice out of her one more time. Momma’s loud kissing sucking the juice out of her was requested often by that sweet little animal.

Take a lesson from me and hug those you love today. Oh, and by the way, you can suck the juice out of them too. You’d be surprised how much they love it.

Da Juana

P. S. For more on our furry friends, please ready www.puppydogname.com. There you’ll also find a picture of my baby, Madeline, before she left this world and you can glimpse her gorgeous eyes.