A case for reincarnation…..

The question below on past lives is one I would love to explain.  Reincarnation affects us all, no matter who and no matter from where we come.  Here is his question and a good one it is.

“My wife recently had a reading with you and told me about it. My question about reincarnation is that if everyone is reincarnated how do you explain the population doubling every hundred years or so. I have learned in school that population growth has doubled in the world since about 1900. I am really interested in this but need to understand it before I can believe it. Can you explain this to me please? Thank you.  Jody”

Really, Jody, it’s very easy.  Do you think we are the only planet in the universe with souls being born and dying?  Next, and you need to read my book, “Ghosts Talk,” too, but here it is.  We are all a part of God, His being all that is.  As new souls are needed, apart from those already created, they divide much like a cell dividing and begin life in a new body. 

Hope this helps.

Da Juana