A coffeemaker……..

While on my trip last weekend, I discovered a coffeemaker that I love.  Can’t remember the name of it but you can bet that I’m going to ask Janice to give it to me.  What I do remember is that it was all stainless steel, including the carafe.  That was the sweetest tasting coffee.  My mouth is watering for it now.More...

Although us three women had stayed up all night, I got to wake up to the smell very early in the morning.  We didn’t want to miss anything.  And we didn’t.  We got a good burlesque show when two does decided to bathe themselves in front of us.  We sat there glued to their sight with the fascination of a man watching two people making love.  The deer knew we were there and would even look up on to the upper deck where we sat enjoying that coffee and then go back to their grooming. 

And it wasn’t just because we were on vacation either.  I knew you’d probably think that.  But, no, it wasn’t.  It was because this coffeemaker took the beans, ground them without any help other than you depositing them into the coffeemaker and made the best, sweet tasting, aromatic coffee I’ve had in a long, long while.  I’d drive the four hours again just to get her coffee.  But of course I’d tell her it was only because I wanted to see her again.  And that would be true too.  The coffee would just be an afterthought but a necessary one.

I had coffee with a view.

Da Juana