A cold, I think…..

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My nochez is stopped up and running at the same time with a cold, I think.  How can both running and stopped up happen?  My eyes make it hard for me to see since I know I’ve had enough water emerging to water our yard if, that is, the rain and cold weather wasn’t doing it now.More...

So, please forgive me for not going on with our life and past lives blog-convo until I get a little better.  Hopefully, that’s tomorrow.  I’m not a very good sick person.  I cuss when sick.  And I saw it coming or as I like to chastise myself today, created it.

Anyway, I’ll try to quit feeling sorry for myself by tomorrow and get on with our conversation. 

Da Juana

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  1. Replyfabalossue
    Oh man, I can so relate to the cussing when sick symdrome. I too have recently been ill with a high fever, my husband gave me a penicillin shot and I yelled and cussed in pain. My 6 year old son in the next room heard it and was a little upset. I took the time to try and explain to him what had happened hoping that somehow I could get through to him that I was only human and sometimes Mom's make mistakes too. Did I ever get busted..... he went to school and told the whole classroom that I was really sick and that I yelled and said bad words to Daddy. Oh the horror of facing those kids again!! We had a good laugh over this and I'm sure Bobby will be reminded over the years of what he did in first grade when Mom was sick. Da Juana, get well soon!

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