A comment from my blog……

This came as a comment from my blog yesterday and because Linda did me a favor (Thank you for voting and for the beautiful comment on her bouquet.  I’ll pass it along.), I’d like to do one for her.  Her comment is below along with my answer.  We all learn from each other and she brings up a good point.More...

“I voted and I wanted to let you know it was the best one of the 3.  Now I have a favor to ask in return. I have been job-hunting for 2 years now after moving to a rural community and have had no luck. It is at the point now that we will have to move back to the city with tail between our legs. We will have to move in with the kids if we move back until we get back on our feet. My husband wants to stay here and is desperate to make it work. Can I ask you to say a prayer that I find a job that will last more than 2 months. Is it selfish of me to ask. But I am so desperate that my faith has sunken and need support. Thank you. I read you everyday.



Linda, one of the things that I learned long ago and have used throughout my life is very simple.  Claude tells me he’s never seen anything like what I do and he turns around and asks me to create items for us.  Any one can do this. 

You’ve heard me say many times before that we are all creators, especially since we’re made in God’s image and He says we can do everything he does and more.  The only catch is that you have to believe.  And I do.

If you want a good job, then decide it’s there.  Don’t put a name to it.  Just name what type job, how often you need to work, how much money, etc.  Then believe.  Know that it’s coming but you have to tell it when you need it too.  Thank God for it and then revel in the knowledge it’s there.

Told you it’s simple.  It’s called manifesting what you want in your life.  You are what you believe.  Now, go for it and of course you have my prayers.

Praying now.

Da Juana