A comment

“Da Juana – What do you make of this…this is a quote from a CNN article….
>From the note a coal miner wrote while trapped.

…”Tell all I see them on the other side JR I love you,” wrote Toler, a section foreman who had spent 32 years working in coal mines.

Toler’s nephew, Randy Toler, said his uncle meant to say “I will see them.”

“But he, of course, in his distress left the ‘will’ out,” the nephew said….

How does his nephew know this? I’m wondering if the man was saying that he saw others on the other side. Like maybe he was confirming something. Maybe I’m way off, but that was my initial feeling.

“J, ” when I read this, I feel love and amazement. First, I want to say to the miners and to the people who are still alive and love them, I am so sorry.

Generally, when working psychically as I am now, I can see the person writing and also have the same emotions. I take on the feelings and all other aspects of the person I am looking at. For instance, if there is anything wrong, I would feel that too. When I work murders and such, I get all kinds of details because usually I become the victim. In this case, I feel love and amazement. A sense of euphoria too, which I can’t understand.

Now as to your question, I believe at the writing of this and from what I see, Mr. Tolar was writing to both sides, those alive and those dead. And he meant that he saw people on the other side and would see the ones he loved now, later. There is a woman of ample bosum and hips, who is inviting him home. Her hair is a light brownish and pulled back.

Hope this helps and again my heart goes out to both sides. My prayers are with you all.

Da Juana