A couple of days ago my ghost puppy dog, Madeline, made herself known.

A couple of days ago my ghost puppy dog, Madeline, made herself known. Her little Pisces Sun, Scorpio Moon and Ascendant mouthy-self showed up just as she did while alive.

My little shoulder puppy has been doing some things to let me see her lately. Since I’ve quit crying all-day-every-day over her death, though I still miss her terribly, she seems to miss Gabrielle and me acknowledging her. She does things like she did the other night when a friend and I were sitting at my breakfast table chatting.

We were both in our own world talking when he ducked as if something were going to swoop down upon him. It reminded me of a mockingbird going after the neighborhood cat. At the same time he bobbed I saw the shadow of bird above us. That’s when I looked up and saw the bird shadow skimming across the ceiling but when I asked if he’d seen anything, he said no.

It’s funny how the human mind works because he knew a bird shouldn’t be in the house but his body reacted to the situation by instinctively having him duck.

Oh, I didn’t mention that Gabrielle watched the shadow bird just as I did, following it all over the ceiling.

Then yesterday, while speaking on the phone with my daughter, the doorbell rang. Gabrielle, who’d been lying under the chair in the place Madeline loved to stay, jumped to go get the offender barking all the way. The only thing was Madeline jumped and ran with her chiming in just as she did while alive. My heart sang for a moment with the prospect that both my babies were going to let the intruder know they were there.

My excitement was such that I immediately asked my daughter if she heard Madeline barking with all the commotion occurring.  She said she didn’t but by that time the barking had subsided and I was left with a mother’s desire to hold her baby and thankful that I’d heard her once again.

Da Juana

P. S. Ghosts can do anything with a thought. Find out more about them by reading www.ghoststalk.com.