A dead psychic friend…..

The other day I was listening to a tape I had just recorded. While listening to the tape, I heard a male voice say something while I was talking. He was nice enough to wait until I had said what I wanted and then he chimed in and he didn’t speak too loudly but I heard him nonetheless.


Let me tell you that I had noticed him in the room but hadn’t paid him much attention. When he spoke, I told the person running the recorder to back up, that I had heard a man talking. The tape was backed up and there he was. A few minutes later, I was talking about spirituality. And once again, I hear this man talking but this time it was loud and clear and only one word. The word was purple. For me, that is the color of spirituality and he was reminding me of that. When I first met this man, years ago while he was alive, I told him that I wanted to be around other purple people like me, meaning people who knew they were psychic or spiritual. And he gave it right back to me the other day. A voice from the grave letting me know that he, John Catchings, a talented psychic, is still around.


Here’s to you John. Thanks for the visit and the proof.


Da Juana