A fair-haired ghost called my name.

For the last few days I’ve been visited by a fair-haired ghost.  Because I didn’t say anything or really acknowledge that he was there, he decided to call my name today.  That would have been okay but I was on a business call.  Even though I knew it wasn’t my husband, Claude, logic dictates that when a male calls you and the only male in the house is your husband, then you must stop to see what he wants.More... 

I held the phone out a little and called upstairs to ask my husband what he wanted.  Of course he had to make a little bit of fun at my expense because he hadn’t called and he did this while the person on the phone was listening.  It just didn’t sound to businesslike when I mentioned to the person on the phone that I was sorry it must have been the ghost I had seen calling my name.  You can imagine how the person felt but hey, that’s one of the perks, shall we say, of my life.

Things like that happen to me more often than not and even though I’m okay with it, sometimes it makes for some heart-stopping moments for those around me.  Claude has gotten so used to it that it’s entertainment for him especially when it’s at my expense but other people seem to be surprised.  What’s more is that I forget they can be surprised until I see the look in their eyes or hear the tone of their voice. 

It’s always a little funny though when you hear your name called and no one is around.

Da Juana