A Family Picture

My nephew, Jerid, and his wife, Jess, sent me a family picture of myself, their son, my brother and my niece, Natalie, which was taken when we went to our brother’s funeral.  Everyone is smiling but the baby.More... 

Isn’t it funny when someone brings a camera up to snap a shot, the adults’ smile?  We’ve been programmed to do so even when we’re the saddest.  We’re all snuggled up to each other smiling when our world has come crashing down.  But the picture’s a very good one.  That’s the irony.

Last night, while watching something with Claude, we saw a marine funeral.  Although I thought that my mourning period was better because I’ve seen my brother several times since his death, I started to sob.  Claude looked over at me and asked if I was thinking of my brother.  Of course I was.

Little things make you cry when you least expect it.  And I’ve had two to cry over in the last six months, first my baby puppy, Mysti, and then my great brother, Allen.  Life isn’t always easy but it’s life just the same.

What’s more?  My brother would have been in that picture with us, preening and smiling had he been alive to do so.   Maybe I should look again to see if he’s there.

Da Juana