A family

Our household is only one of the many definitions for a family.  Four of us exist in harmony, two dogs, my romantic husband and me.  When asked why I would note that I have a romantic husband here, it’s only because he is the romantic along with the youngest puppy.  Mysti and I are very serious, pragmatic souls.  Oh, don’t get me wrong, our oldest puppy and I like a good laugh just like everyone else but we are very practical too.More...

Claude and Madeline are the most sensitive in this family.  He’s a Cancer.  Madeline and Mysti both are Pisces but Madeline has a double Scorpio, both her Ascendant and Moon.  Pardon me while a take a breath.  Mysti is probably next in this line of succession because she gets her feelings hurt and becomes the martyr for a moment.  Then there’s me, mother and wife.  Do I get my feelings hurt?  Rarely……but I can get aggravated.  That’s when all that guilt thrown at me by the other touchy-feely parts of this family, which I truly am grateful I’m in, gets an earful. 

You see my part of the astrological makeup of this family is the Libra peacemaker with, dare I say it, an Aries moon.  We all know Aries was the God of War in Greek mythology and is associated with Mars.  That means my secret self (moon), on occasion, can wake up with a wrath and not like little Madeline’s moon either.  Because of her moon, she mouths off and forgets about it in the next moment.  Then wonders why everyone wants to slap her.  Of course we don’t.  Slap her, I mean.  She’s just too cute.

Claude seems out of place with his Virgo moon because he’s always trying to make us accountable for our actions with a little extra guilt thrown in.  Did I mention my Aries moon?

Take, for instance, this morning.  I remembered yesterday, even told a few people but I forgot to wake up this morning and proclaim, “Happy Anniversary,” for which he stewed a while at breakfast.

Finally, he told me and put it in the aspect of if really matters, “Happy Anniversary.”  See I told you he’s a romantic.

I sat for a few moments before Aries took over.  After all, I thought, both of us had this anniversary and why should I be the only one to have to remember it, have a ooey-gooey expression on my face and proclaim my undying love for this, the anniversary of our wedding, how many years ago?  He’s the Virgo timekeeper after all.  He should have warned me. 

I love being married to Claude but I was married before and didn’t really like it, marriage, that is.  So, it took a lot to try it again but I’m glad I did.  He’s the best husband I could ever have but, why do I have to remember every thing?

Being the psychic I am, I try to understand what makes my family tick and started looking back at our astrological charts in my mind.  What’s really funny is that with astrology, you always find family there.  My daughter shares my Libra sun sign with me through her moon.  Our puppies share Claude’s Ascendant through their sun signs.  Astrology tends to even throw husband’s and ex-husbands into your chart as well.  Did I mention my Aries moon?  That was my ex’s, thank you God, sun sign. 

Wouldn’t it be nice if Astrology could link all mankind as one big happy family?  In some ways it really does.

Just a thought.

Da Juana