A friend of mine!

Claude and I have been friends for many years with an attorney that we met when he was working with Claude. This man is someone both of us love dearly and he has stayed in our lives over the years, though we may not speak often. I remember how we have changed politically over the years and this man has stayed the same. When we first got to know him, both of us thought he was rather liberal. We didn’t believe like him but we valued his opinion because you can always learn from differing ideas. Over the years, he has even managed to change our minds a few times.

Yesterday or the day before, he sent me an email. It went something like this, when a car company moves to Mexico, it’s called a free market. When a toy company sources out to a Chinese company, again it is called a free market. As you can see, there are many other ways to call what is happening a free market, and I mostly agree with a free market but I also think that America is becoming a service center and we might wish one day that we had kept some of those companies close to home. The world is becoming a very small place and we are having some great growing pains to reach what I see coming eventually. Right now though, we will reap in the short term what we have sown. But back to my friend’s message.

The one thing that is not called a free market is when senior citizens buy drugs from Canada. What makes that different? If every thing else that is sourced out and bought over the internet or through other companies and is claimed to be a free market, why can’t we buy drugs from Canada at cheaper prices without being called Un-American? Is it because of the drug lobby here? This really doesn’t take a psychic.

I have been saying for years that I wish we really had some politicians that cared about our country, someone who wasn’t trying to line their pockets and someone who would buck the system when they thought something was not right. Do we have any more Abe Lincolns? And another thing. Take away the lobbyist so that our politicians aren’t motivated to be politicians. Well, that’s my soap box for the day.

Da Juana