A ghost grabbed my left arm……..

A ghost grabbed my left arm from between my front and rear seat while I was driving home last night.

My first thought was to pull my arm away just as I’d have done had this person not been dead. Just as I pulled I realized that the ghost and I were the only ones in my car. But that didn’t stop the fact that I felt my arm being pulled back between the seats as I pulled it forward. I could feel the fingers losing their grip on my upper arm and felt the last bit of pressure as they popped off.

The sensation of hearing and feeling her fingers pop together got my attention so that I immediately asked what was going on. Instantly I received a message to be watchful. This made me look into the rear view mirror something I was going to do and had done anyway because I was changing lanes on the interstate.

That’s when I noticed that the car I’d seen a few seconds before the ghostly encounter that had been far behind me was closing in on me quickly but that wasn’t the worst of it. As I looked back to the road and continued moving into my chosen lane I discovered the two very slow moving autos in front on my right weren’t where they were supposed to be. The one behind the slower offender decided to move over into my soon-to-be lane while I was checking out my rear view mirror. When my eyes settled back to the two cars almost beside me I saw that he’d turned on his blinker at the same time changing into my lane. Not a convenient situation.

Here I was sandwiched between two very different speeding cars. I couldn’t speed up because of the slower car pulling over and I couldn’t slow down because of the one behind me who was now almost on top of me. There was prayer. At the last possible moment the lead car or should I say almost side car decided to go back into the lane he or she was trying to vacate. Thank God!

A little quick breathing and a massive thank you to the grabby angel put me in my place.

At any rate, I’m here to tell you about it this morning.

Da Juana

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