A Ghost in Shadow Bird Form Sailed Around Me

A Ghost in shadow bird form sailed around me more than once last year. Barely missing my arms, both sides, my head and table and chairs close by he flew. This ghost bird did acrobatic flying better than most pilots I’ve seen. Quick as a little hummingbird it haunted me for days with its aerial stunts.

But that’s not the first time I’ve seen a ghost bird. The first was when my little Muffin died and she turned into an eagle when her spirit left her doggy body. She pulled up into eagle form to fly high and then land at my feet. All the while she exclaimed, “Look momma, I can fly now.” And off this subject we’re going to go because I’ll cry.

At any rate I had another ghost bird in my house in shadow form tantalizing me for about a week. You also know that most often this medium doesn’t ask who they are until they keep on like Johnny Cash did. Well this one did.

While on the phone with my daughter I told her about the aggressive bird that was about mockingbird size but different because it just missed me one more time. When she asked who it was I got the answer after I’d mentioned I hadn’t asked. That’s not unusual. It sometimes takes getting my attention before I take the time to realize who’s there.

By now you know my ex-husband is dead. Well you can also assume that it wasn’t a great life or we wouldn’t have been divorced especially after so many years. I won’t go into particulars but it involved something being killed other than love which I’d lost long ago.

After the divorce I told him that I never wanted to be around him again. He kept trying to get me back but that wasn’t going to happen. Suffice it to say after death he thought he could come back and did multiple times. Some of the times happened before I sold my home and this one happened after I’d moved into Richard’s home. At any rate he was in Richard’s house buzzing me.

When I got my answer that it was him, I told him in no uncertain terms that he was to get out of the house and leave me alone which he did. Just in case you didn’t know you have the right to tell ghosts to leave your home and they have to. And he had to even though it was Richard’s house I demanded he vacate.

The next day I was in the kitchen preparing a meal when Richard, without leaving his chair by the window, said, “Da Juana I’ve seen a shadow of a bird fly by this window twice in the last few minutes.”

Well that’s funny because Richard says he doesn’t see ghosts. Yeah, uh huh.

Now, if that had been you and you were like me would you have told him that it was your ex-husband’s ghost? I just said “Oh” and left it at that for a few months because my ex was outside the house as I’d demanded. No sense in rocking the boat is there?

Da Juana Byrd