A good book

A good book is the best form of escapism.  Vacations can be had quickly just by picking up a New York Times best seller or by finding a little known author who writes in such a way that keeps you turning pages and hoping for his or her next book.  Being able to immerse yourself completely, getting into the characters, and becoming a comrade is a way to take you away from the ho-hum dull-drums of everyday life.More...

Another thing it will do is if you’re able to completely become a part of the book when you pick it up and start reading, smelling the odors, seeing the images, feeling the feelings, then you’re doing it on a psychic level.  And if you’re doing that, watch out.  You’re becoming more and more like me.  You’ll also note that you do the same thing with a good movie.

You’ve heard me say that being able to read is a wonderful thing and I don’t mean only psychically, I mean being able to pick up a book and take a mini-vacation. 

Next time you feel yourself sympathizing with a character, think of me and then think of what I just mentioned.  Happy reading.

Da Juana