A good friend asked me the other day just how it is that I see ghosts….

A good friend asked me the other day just how it is that I see ghosts, meaning, really, how do I? The reason for his question was because he’s begun seeing them and he thinks he’s hallucinating.

Sometimes the process will have you wondering if you’re not participating in the same type mental aberration as him until you add in the other features attributed to ghostly communication. For instance, his ghostly family spoke with him. And they said something that completely got his attention. So much so that he had to ask me what they meant which I explained.

Ghosts have been a constant in my life since before I was born. I know that sounds crazy. As logical as I am you know I’ve had issues with some of the items I’ve seen in my life but I’ve had the results of our dialogues proven over and over, sometimes to my amazement: actually a lot to my astonishment. So, you see I know that sometimes you just have to accept what you’re given and that is an astounding gift in its own right.

People and other spirits are very logical when they reach the other side. So they may say something that is very matter-of-fact to them but it has a different meaning to us because we measure time much differently than they.

An example is telling a person that they’ll see them soon. You can see how this might illicit the wrong type attention and cause the heart to pound but in reality spirits soon and our soon can be two dissimilar events. Unless they give me a date that I can use here on earth, then the all-encompassing “soon” might mean thirty years down the road.

It’s like seeing a ghost for the first time. You’re not sure unless they’re standing there in flesh-and-blood looking attire and then that can make you feel very vulnerable because you’re supposed to be in relative safety wherever you are. But once you find they’re only visiting and don’t have your imminent demise in mind seeing ghosts gets to be a wonderful event. With that in mind take a visit from family, no matter what the form, as the wonderful event it is.

Da Juana

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