A Great Idea….

Claude, my husband, and his friends have a great idea. 

After going to multiple, okay two, funerals of friends they knew in high school, these guys decided that they’d rather catch up with each other once every couple of months instead of doing so at such a sad occasion. I could say that funerals are only a memorial for a rebirth but you and I both know that those of us left behind are very sad when we lose someone physically.

At any rate, these guys think about one another and before you know it, there are sixty-five of them meeting together over beer and barbeque or some other dinner event. Not only that but some tend to go to lunch together quite often. Maybe it’s just me but I don’t see old classmates anywhere near as much and don’t talk with them either. These guys have a special bond. And they come from all walks of life from district attorney to wife, banker and everything in between. Did I mention that women are part of this high school fraternity?

Watching these old friends gives me hope that everyone should be so lucky. It is the mark of true wealth, having friends such as these.

Da Juana