A huge white, long-haired ghost dog

A huge white, long-haired ghost dog came to see me about a week ago while a friend and I were talking.

Suddenly this beautiful dog appeared under my glass table, where we were sitting at lunch, and turned his face up so that he could look into my eyes. I could see that the floor depth around the table had dropped about two feet in order to allow this dog to be able to look up at me even though his head hair was touching the glass. There was no fear except that I knew what he’d say to me before he did and that panicked me.

Oddly he was a comfort as he started his message which didn’t last long. He told me that he was an angel for my dog, Madeline. At the time she was fine. And if you’ve been reading my blog for very long you know that dogs, as does everything in God’s great universes, have voice.

Within a few days Madeline had to be taken to the vet because she was and is very ill, almost to the point of letting go this world. I’d resigned myself to the fact that I might not have my little shoulder puppy much longer but she’s still with me and I’m glad.

As for the big white dog angel, I know he’s still around but I hope Madeline wants to be with me for a while longer. When the day comes she’s ready to leave I’ll help her just as this powerful ally of a ghost will.

Da Juana

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