A Jena, Louisiana oak tree

Last year a Jena, Louisiana oak tree made such news that it caused fervor almost equivalent to nine-one-one.  Before I go further, I want to state that I’m not going to talk about prejudice here.  That’s an emotional state that I think each of us carry to some degree maybe not about race but surely about gender, and other items.  An example might simply be a parent.  Ask any parent whether they’ve ever wanted their child not to associate with another child they find a potential problem.  That has nothing to do with race but everything to do with keeping their child safe.More...

Did I agree with what was done by hanging nooses in the oak tree?  A resounding NO doesn’t even suffice.  Again though, that’s not what I want to talk about. 

If you know me, you know I tell you what I see where God and man or God an earth or God and animal are concerned.  We’re all part of that divine spark.  Physics is now alluding to that very item and will be able to confirm it shortly.  As part of that spark, we humans live many lives, through many genders and races surviving different religions and cultures.  All of this is done for the progress of the soul.  The soul is part of God’s divine spark and leaves nothing untouched, not even a Jena oak tree. 

That oak tree didn’t ask white students to sit under it, nor did it deny black students a place to lounge.  Instead it held its branches open to all who passed under it or chose to sit for a while, cooling them from the hot, humid Jena summers and shielding them from rainy, cold winters.  Can you imagine the things that old oak tree saw?  It was the innocent in this story and now it’s gone.  Man cut it down in order to appease their conscious.  Wonder if they know that tree has a spirit too?  Wonder if they know they compounded a heinous act?  Did they even think that the tree had a soul too?

No, I’m not a tree hugging, ignorant psychic.  I’m a thinker and I’ve been thinking this for some time.  The tree did nothing but help any one who decided to come close.  For that he died.

Da Juana