A little life can become so much a part of yours.

It’s shocking to realize how quickly a little life can become so much a part of yours. As you know I’m dating a very good country-thinking man. He’s pretty intelligent when it comes to life, relationships and people.

Like me, he allows himself to fall for something that most would consider just getting attached. He had a feral kitten at his house that we caught. His mother died and he was starving. We got him and gave him a good home but he had a problem from the first. It would get better but then it would flare back up. I kept looking at this small bundle of personality and telling my friend that he reminded me of Madeline my dead dog. And no wonder. He had what she had originally.

Finally when he got ill yet again and my sweet Gabrielle decided to accept the bacteria that he gave her, we took him and her to the vet. Both got shots and antibiotics and I was told that he’d start to grow quickly after getting the meds. Instead this tiny little animal we’d come to love decided to go home to his mother once more.

To hear my friend tell it, the little boy who’d crawl up his leg, see me, jump across to get onto a table, then across again to get to me for some good old-fashioned momma love from a bottle filled with goats milk, got the love he deserved for the little while he was on this earth. And he did. And he’s so missed now.

Da Juana

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