A little vacation….

This week we took a little vacation to see our daughter and grands.  Oh, and her husband too.  It was only for about three or four days and not nearly enough time but it was nice to be with all of them.More...

Our youngest grandson is trying to talk now but he doesn’t have much to say.  That is, of course, unless it’s for a “chip please.”  He’s a little Capricorn and took his time deciding to talk after beginning when he was about five months old and then going silent.  Capricorn men can be the brooding sorts.  They’re watchers and learners.  And he fits the bill.

My daughter and I got one day to be together but not alone while Claude was off with a friend.  The kids were there as well.  It would be nice to be with my little girl for a little while alone again, just mother and daughter.  But we had fun even the way it was. 

She is a great friend as well as my daughter and we truly have fun together.  But it seems neither of us gets enough laughter in our lives now.  And I think that it would have been good if we could’ve had more of that.

My only living brother, his wife and daughter, my father and his wife and a couple of friends came to dinner.  We made it simple this time with hamburgers on the grill and some of those bad “chips please” my grandson loves. 

And the camaraderie was great.  My daddy, the preacher, brought me the bible he used when I was a child.  He feels he’s getting to the end of his time and wants to give gifts that mean something to him.

When I opened it to see if he’d written inside, I found a piece of paper, a sermon he delivered.  You’d be a good guesser if you guessed it was on witchcraft.  I promptly went in and thanked him again for his bible but questioned if the sermon was for me.  He replied that he didn’t even know it was in that bible.  I told him that I didn’t have anything to do with that subject and should have mentioned that it like his, a religion.  And, further, that I’m not religious, I’m spiritual.  I answer to myself for all the good or bad I do.  I have to live with me and I appreciate God.

Moreover, I mentioned to daddy that he has the same gift that I do.  So he should be thankful to God too.  But my daddy is scared of his God-given talents as many are.

Da Juana