A medium sized tip………

In the last few days Claude hasn’t been his usual jovial self.  He became ill again because of medications.  What is funny is that before he became ill, I started hearing items like this was the last time I would be able to…..blah, blah, blah, whatever and I won’t share that part.  Anyway, this had happened when Muffin died as well.  For instance, I heard that this would be the last time I gave her a bath.  She had those at least once a week sometimes twice.  Being a psychic/medium is not always easy especially when it comes to loved ones.  

Not too long ago, I heard some of the same things about Mysti.  For instance, take pictures of her right now.  Of course I started to argue with the other side about it telling them that it was Muffin who had died after she was twelve, not Mysti.  But the voices kept on.  At that time, she was well but within days she stopped making platelets in her blood.  The doctor told me not to let her do anything and that she could bleed to death in a matter of minutes if she was hit or pulled something.  You know, the usual. 

With her I fought back instead of waiting for her to cross over.  I took her to the vet and then started with holistic medicine as well.  The vet told me that she would never get off steroids and other medication but guess what, he was wrong.  She has been off them for some time now, knock on wood. 

So when the voices started with Claude, it really upset me and I sat resigned myself to the fact.  Then the part of me that fights back said no to waiting.  Last Tuesday I got him out of bed and took him to the doctor.  And as with other items, I told her what I thought it was.  She stood staring at me for a moment, which is what she generally does, then admitted that I was right. 

Today he is back to his almost normal self.  We celebrated.  We went out to have some onion rings and buffalo wings.  Before you start, I had salad too. 

While there, the waitress decided to stay at our table and talk.  Imagine that.  Claude says I could draw a crowd in a desert.  She was telling us her life story and even blurted out that she was pregnant and wished her grandmother was there to see the baby.  And she was even though she had died last year.  After our meal was over, I told the waitress that I was going to give her a tip that wasn’t money even though I had already given her money.  That’s when I told her about the woman who had been standing beside her.  Tears started.  Claude also says I’m good at that.  But she was so happy.  You know that’s a good feeling, selfish but good. 

Then you know what I told her,  

Happy Holidays 

Da Juana