A medium’s life….

A medium’s life is not much different than others live except that we are constantly seeing and hearing ghosts.  At least I am.  I might meet a new person who doesn’t know I’m a psychic/medium and stand there talking with them without their ever being aware that I’m also talking to the ghost or two standing beside or behind them.  It’s not unusual for me to even finish their next sentence because the ghost has already told me what they’re going to say.More...

When meeting a new person, I try hard to keep my eyes on their eyes and listen to each word they utter without letting them know that I’m listening to someone else too.  Sometimes the ghost is very insistent.  Then, I know I must look like either a very interested party or someone who is unable to comprehend what the person is saying.  Either way, unless I tell them what I am, I tend to look a little different.

But you know something; I wouldn’t have it any other way.  Being who I am is wonderful because I do get to hear the other side of the story even if it is someone telling me that the woman I just met gets beaten by her husband and the ghost is tired of it.  Well, not exactly tired of it, but would rather the woman cared enough about herself to make it stop. 

I remember one time working with an on-air personality who told me he was about to have an author come on after me and asked if I knew what the title to this author’s book was.  Immediately, I told him it had something to do with secrets and bridges.  He almost passed out.  Then he reached under his desk where he knew I couldn’t have seen it and brought out the book, held it up and guess what?  I had the title.  A little ghost told me. 

Hearing voices can be real fun too when another person doesn’t know whose telling you the secrets they think they have so well hidden.  Does that make me horrible?  I hope not.  Then there are the times that they tell you the answers but don’t give you the questions so you’re left to wonder what it’s all about.  But that’s the life of a medium.

Da Juana