A Near-Death-Experience or someone who was vented and kept in a coma like state with medication hears all that’s said. That was my mother and she’s just now talking about it. It reminds me of when I had a Near-Death-Experience in 1980 and didn’t want to talk about it because I knew people would scoff at me. She felt the same.

Well my mother had the same experience with saying that she heard someone talking to her. Actually it was me. I called her by her given, middle and maiden last name and told her that death would be the least of her worries if she didn’t get off the vent that was breathing for her overnight. The nurse had told me that I needed to make some end-of-life decisions for my mother on Thursday night after I’d moved her from a small hospital to one I trusted.

Imagine how I felt when I finally got her to the hospital she needed to be in, had to fight with family to do so, saw that she was getting better from my psychic point of view and was told that she’d been on the vent long enough that she probably wouldn’t be able to start breathing on her own again. I’m not one to take the thought that anyone can’t do something.

That’s when I told her nurse that he would get her off that vent that night to which he answered he thought she couldn’t start breathing on her own again. I told him my mother was and is a fighter and that I’d take care of her issues with getting rid of the vent but he was to make sure she did when she could. And I didn’t cry in front of him but I wanted too.

Then I entered her ICU room, called her name and told her the situation. It was that death could be preferable to life on the vent for her. I strongly suggested she needed to get off the vent by morning or I’d wake her up and have her decide whether she wanted this for the rest of her life or if she wanted to say goodbye then. My psychic abilities told me that she wouldn’t want to leave in that way but I figure each of us is responsible for our lives and we need to make that decision on our own. Since then she’s told me what she wants for end-of-life and requested that I please not wake her for that decision.

To make a long story shorter, she woke the next morning and was off the vent by 10:00 AM, fully awake and knowledgeable of all that was going on. And I’m glad.

Just this week, she told me that she heard someone being very frank in conversation with her the night before she woke while she was under an anesthesia drug. I asked what was said and she began word-for-word the one-sided tête-à-tête I’d had with her. When I told her that it was me she said she thought it was my voice but she wasn’t sure. The other thing she wasn’t sure of was whether she wanted to return to this world or stay over there.

Then we spoke of her living forever which this psychic and medium knows we do for sure but that I wanted to keep her on the physical plane with me for as long as possible.

The one thing that I’d like for you to get from this is that under sedation people can still hear what you’re saying. Be positive in your words. Words can make a difference.

My mother and I have something more in common. She didn’t quite die from her hospitalization but I did in 1980 for fifteen minutes and this psychic and medium had to make a decision (full choice like her) as to whether to return to our physical life.


Da Juana Byrd