A new home

Claude and I are selling our lovely home with the huge trees. Though we love it, we really need a one-story home. And now Claude is trying to convince me that we need to move back to Louisiana where I grew up because I have some family there and he does too by the fact that he married me.


There are a lot of decisions to be made and I am trying to think about them. First of all is monetary, the cost of living is much better there. Next, we would be around our daughter, my father and brother. And that means a lot. But…..when I sit here looking out my window from our second story office and see the trees swaying with the breeze, their attitudes making them appear to me as if I am a voyeur watching while they are being caressed by a lover, their whispers of contentment reaching my psychic ears, I wonder if I will ever be able to sit in Louisiana and forget the wind. You know how much I love the wind. God speaks to me with that and with hawks and with, well…..everything. But the wind means so much to me and in Louisiana, the only time you get a good wind is when a storm is coming up. I remember as a child when I would yearn for the storm just to get the wind. I can still hear my father yelling that I should come in out of the lightening and such with me standing there looking like a human cross, both arms spread wide so that I could feel like the trees and have every part of me touched by the wind.


I know times have changed and I know that I should be thinking practically but….here it goes again, the humidity in Louisiana is sweltering. Here we have humidity but there are days when it’s not and even when we do have it, the wind makes it feel so much less. Do I sound as if I like the outdoor creature comforts? Being outdoors is a comfort to me even if I am working a murder. It seems to help heal me physically, mentally and emotionally. And I know we could get a pool. That would probably help. But friends are here. But I can make new friends and keep old friends too. Do I sound like I am arguing with myself? Guess I need help. Will you pray that I make a good, intelligent decision because this psychic doesn’t know where to move? She knows where her heart is. It is torn between family, responsibility, and……….!


Da Juana