A psychic hypochondriac….

When I do readings for people, it seems that a doctor would say that I turn into a hypochondriac for the hours I read because I take on the illness of the person I’m reading.  I run the gamut from back aches to headaches, constipation to diarrhea in a very short time.More... 

Years ago, my doctor told me to either quit reading or to turn it loose after my going in to him with symptoms that this psychic hadn’t even put together as the symptoms of readings from the past weeks.  But my doctor did.

It had never occurred to me that I ought to turn things loose.  I just kept on going like the energizer bunny until my body would tell me to go to the doctor.  Then he figured it out and since then I’ve been much better.  But that doesn’t stop my continuing to have the aches and pains of those I read. 

There I sit on the phone telling the person about their life when out of nowhere I feel chest pains.  Then the ghost appears and I start to tell the person about the ghost and how they died having chest pains.  When I get the words out, the pain leaves.  Then I go on to the next person.  You guessed it.  Believe me, there are some very unusual pains that go with certain illnesses. 

Once on WBAP, I told a woman who was leaving for the weekend that her daughter would break her ankle while playing basketball.  Again, you guessed it.  I got the sensation. 

That’s called being an empath.  And thankfully, it can go the other way too, not just the bad but the good as well.

Thank God I’m well.

Da Juana