A psychic like me….

When you’re a psychic like me, no matter how much you try to keep from knowing certain items, when you touch a person or an object the information rushes in to your brain like a tidal wave.

There are some items that I’d like to keep secret even to myself about those I love. So I try not to think of those situations because I know the information will come to me. Most of the time I’m good at staying away from those things but on occasion I can’t help but think. That’s my downfall because I have to look as if I don’t know answers I didn’t want to find out in the first place. Or so I thought.

Claude says that you can read my face so easily. If you ask me a question, I can’t lie. For one thing, I’m not good at lying and for another a good liar has to remember their lies. I’m neither. When I’m in the middle of getting information I didn’t think I wanted, my face will tell if I don’t keep the expression the same.

I don’t knowingly try to violate anyone’s privacy. When I do readings I always ask subconsciously if the person I’m reading will allow me to look into their lives. When it’s a loved one, the permission is always there unless you’re arguing with that person, of course. At any rate, I don’t turn off the ability I was born with and at times, without thinking, “ask,” then immediately get an answer even if I didn’t want to hear it originally. And if I touch that loved one, the answer always comes.

Da Juana