A Psychic Medium View of Racism in the USA

I am a Psychic Medium American. No, that’s not right. First of all I’m an American and then I’m a psychic and medium. Is it the chicken or the egg? I was born in the USA into a family who had and has paranormal experiences.

Though I haven’t taken a DNA test, according to my family, my lineage is all these things. I’m Italian, German, French, Native American, and maybe just maybe some other added items to boot. I know I’ve left out something. My past lives tell me that I have much more than that.

My grandfather was, remembering my father say it now, a Frenchman from South Louisiana. After his confession that he came from an Italian background himself through his mother’s lineage daddy told me how his Italian grandfather hated his father because he was a dirty Frenchman. (His words, not mine.) Granddaddy’s bone structure and his beautiful skin tells me that he probably made my Italian grandfather a little mad because of his height, cheekbones and spectacular carriage not to mention the fact that he married his daughter. So I’m a mixture of some things human and some things psychic and medium. But first and foremost I’m American.

From my psychic medium view I know that everyone has some prejudice, whether towards their own family on towards strangers they’ve never had anything to do with.

Before you exclaim no, please think. From a past life to the present I’m not in love with the KKK. That’s a prejudice. Nor do I love bigots of any skin color. Again a prejudice. People who are ugly to others make me want to take care of the underdog. Don’t know if that’s psychic or humanitarian but do know I stand up for another’s rights and am seen as often as needed taking up for another.

Our world in the USA has been weakened by racism claims all across our nation. Some assertions may be correct but other issues may be something that people invent for their own celebrity.

I hate being lumped in with some people claiming to be psychic or mediums that are totally unlike me and do things I’d never want my name associated with.

To me a person is judged by their character as Dr. King wanted. That’s been my assessment since I was born to earth.

Dr. King said,

That’s how I grew up and how I believe today but I’d also add by the deeds they do as well.

For many years now I’ve seen people give up responsibility for their actions. They want it to be someone else’s fault that they don’t have what they think they should or that this or that happened to them and made their lives horrible.

Litigation runs rampant because people want to blame someone else for their actions. And they want to make sure that everyone really is their brother’s keeper. It wasn’t my fault they say. I wouldn’t have gotten drunk if the bartender hadn’t served me. Or I killed my children because God told me too. Uh Huh? Or I killed all those people because of my religious beliefs. Again Uh Huh? Lord everywhere you look someone is trying to deflect from themselves because of responsibility they don’t want to assume after committing a heinous act.

Not only that but we’re trying to remove history. History teaches us. History is removed and once forgotten is doomed for repetition. Heck kids today even wonder if the Holocaust happened. Some in the world who should know better are right there to announce as newsworthy that it didn’t.

Racism divides our country to the point that good people are so bogged down with news showing the gap between us that even some of us start wondering. Though we know we’re not in the midst of that ignorant thinking we watch as our USA is torn apart by our citizens. What’s worse is that it is a very small minority. Like a bad child in a café who wants attention, screams and does anything to get it until others just want to give in to shut him or her up, he thinks he’s won. In reality he hasn’t.  But the damage was done. He was rewarded and so goes on to inflict more damage.

While we’re here, let’s talk about our children. They have little respect for other s which is understandable because we have stranger danger and more. Mothers can’t legally make their children mind. What are we coming to, as my preacher father would say?

There are those in our communities who would try to help by telling us not to give in to those would be children by saying what I do. I’m an American. I have Italian, French, Native American, German and a number of other mixtures put into my lineage. But when I think about it I’m in the melting pot of the USA and don’t have any lineage but being American. I was born here and hopefully I’ll live my life here too.

Take a look at one of my favorite actors and a very good looking intelligent man, Morgan Freeman when he speaks on the division of the USA. He has it right too.


Further he says and I agree that in order to insure we get rid of racism we need to stop talking about it. He’s right again.


Whoopi Godberg is another American who gets it right when she says:

“You know what uh-uh! This is my country,” Goldberg said during a debate about U.S. immigration policy. “My mother, my grandmother, my great-grand folks, we busted ass to be here. I’m an American. I’m not an African-American. I’m not a chick-American. I’m an American!”


Thank God for some people who, in my opinion, have it right and those people need to be heard more than those others who only want to express how different we are.

Now if only we all had that point of view in our hearts and minds and people took responsibility for their actions the USA would be a better place I believe.

I’m not a chick-American. I’m not a Psychic Medium American. I’m proud to be an American. I’m an American.

Da Juana Byrd