A radio show today!

Today I did a radio show on the west coast. I really do love doing this show. The people are wonderful and the host is too. This morning, because of all the work I have going on now, you know, feeling as if you won’t get it finished, that sort of thing, I was very tired and I really didn’t want it to show. When I do radio or television, I really appreciate the people who tune in. They deserve the best of my attention and I try to focus on that.


I had some people call in to tell me that I had been right on in forecasting events in their lives. One woman told me that I had told her that a car accident would make her change her mind about what she thought. She recounted that she had asked if she would be hurt in the wreck and as I heard her say, “I didn’t say it was you, did I,” in a less than sweet voice, I remembered the event in my mind’s eye. Even down to the sound of it. It really didn’t sound nice. Then she shared how her brother and his beautiful wife had a motorcycle accident and it did make the whole family rethink their love of motorcycling.


That should have been enough to make my feeling tired vanish because when I am reading people it feels as if I am on a “high.” Sometimes it takes days to come down. But as tired as I have been, that high just didn’t kick in. That is until the last call, which I took off the air. I could barely hear her when she said her mother had died last Sunday from cancer. Before I understood what she was saying a dead woman was standing right in front of me. I described her to the caller and she said, “That’s my mother.” Then I went on to tell her what her mother had said.


After telling her, I heard from others over there, “You need to listen to that message.” And I thought, wasn’t it nice to end on this note. I love speaking with the other side and giving their messages to loved ones left here. That is what I am here for. And that one really made me feel better.


Da Juana