A Reading

Below is a blog comment I got and I felt that I should answer because it brings up a very good point.

“Hi Da Juana, I’m glad your feeling better, and I hope your friend feels better soon, too. It brings me great joy when I hear people say, “I’ll pray for you”. To me, prayer is very powerful – which brings me to my question…

I recently had a reading that was very discouraging. I left feeling very sad and hopeless. I asked the psychic if what she saw could be changed through prayer. She seemed very skeptical and said I could pray on it, but God isn’t some fairy godfather that could just wave His magical wand and take everything away. I’m very disappointed because I spent close to $100 on an hour reading that I just don’t feel good about. Toward the end of the reading, I think she saw that I was very disappointed and she mentioned that my guardian angel was with me- she gave me the name and color of the wings. I think she felt sorry for me because I started crying. I really thought God had guided me to her… Please share your thoughts on the future. Can prayer change the outcome of certain events? She seemed so firm…”

First, thank you for your prayers. They are really appreciated. Prayers can change events because the one making the prayer or asking for the prayer is willing to make a change. We are all creators because we are given that ability by God. Any time you don’t like a situation, all you have to do is make a choice to do something else.

I don’t know how many times I have told someone that I was reading for that I didn’t like the outcome if they didn’t change it. I also told them that they could. My reading is only a roadmap. You have free will and with free will comes the ability to change the reading.

Maybe God did lead you to this psychic because he/she wanted you to contact me so that others could learn from your situation. Absolutely nothing is set in stone not even the time of your death. Now, it is apparent that once you are born, you will die but the time is really up to you, even if it is on an unconscious level.

And, guess what, though I see guardian angels, not many have wings. That is not to say that they can’t but……Most look just like us. One of the messages I have given again and again is when you get a reading, you get what you pay for. Like you, you have no recourse but to feel as if you were taken because you gave good money to a person you are not sure of. Unless of course, some of her predictions start to come true for you. That’s why I have good psychics that work with me and that’s why I tell people not to give the psychic information until they tell you they see certain things. For instance, a good psychic, even if on the phone, will give you information you know they couldn’t have known without being psychic. I am one of the hardest people to read because I make the psychics who work with us work. They have to give me information on me and I wait until the reading is over to confirm anything they have said. If they are not good at what they do, then they don’t work with us.

Please don’t feel as if you did something wrong. You just learned something very valuable. And yes, prayer does work…..and, yes, you can change the outcome of your life. And, and this is very imp0rtant, a good psychic will always leave you with hope because, after all, our lives are really built on hope.

Hope this has answered your question to your satisfaction.

Da Juana