A Real Princess!

Yesterday, while working with a couple of women I know, one of which is a psychic, we began talking about different people, one being Princess Diana. I won’t tell you exactly what we were speaking of but I will tell you that the lady came to visit.


Generally, I don’t tell anyone when a celebrity or person who is well known comes to visit because to me that just seems a little hokey. But the reason that I am talking about this visit was because her message was so wonderful. And if I can remember the whole thing, I am going to share it.


The lady told me, and I am paraphrasing, that she was no longer upset with Charles or Camilla. They really don’t matter now, she told me. And she also told me that the way she died was of no consequence. It happened. She did relate to me that what she wanted everyone to remember was that she had tried to help others and she wanted the world to continue to do that sort of work. She also said that this work should not be limited to one situation such as AIDS, though that is a good one to worry about, but that each of us should try to help in our own way. Her words were that if each one of us chose to help just one other, the world would be a better place.


Princess Diana didn’t stay long but I liked her message. So I thought that I would let you hear what she told me.


Da Juana