A shared husband…..

I’ve decided that I must be a very good person because I shared my husband this past weekend.  He went off with two women to Bossier/Shreveport and spent the night.  Generally I’m not the sharing type, especially about my husband.  You would’ve thought that the married one, my friend, Connie, would’ve offered to share her husband with me since she took mine off with her.  But no, she’s selfish.  I’m really the better friend, wouldn’t you say?More... 

Like a good little girl, I stayed home while my husband, Claude, had his fantasy come true.  He went to gamble and slept in the same room with two women, both of whom weren’t his wife.  Most men would give their eyeteeth for that privilege.  And I’m such a nice woman that I even packed for him.  Can you beat that?

What’s more, he acted really tired when he came home but that was from all that gambling, he said.

And Connie explained how much fun they had even though Claude was a man.  Well, that would be the whole point in spending the night with someone else’s husband, wouldn’t it?  That he be a man.  Or am I just old fashioned?

Let’s see now.  I stayed home and worked all weekend but I did take a little time off on Saturday.  And Larry, that’s Connie’s husband, worked too.  We didn’t even call each other.  Would turn about have been fair play?  Larry does look pretty good.  He could have spent the night over here if she were really a good friend, couldn’t he?  And of course, we’d have been as innocent as they.

Maybe Claude and Connie should go out of town together again along with Pat.  Both of them are romantics and both like to gamble.  Do you think they really slept together and didn’t do anything?  Claude did tell me that Connie reminds him of me.  And they both profess that the other is like kinfolks.  In some states that wouldn’t be good.  But we’re from Texas.  That’s all right. 

Okay now.  You see.  I really am the better person or am I?  Maybe I’m just a work-a-holic.

Da Juana