A snake

The animal world never ceases to amaze me. Today we had a little snake about three feet long and about an inch and a half in diameter slither across our front porch, look in the door and continue on around the house in the flower bed. When I saw him at the front door, I went scooting over to the window and tried to watch this beautiful green animal move around. I said hi to her and he told me he was a him although he was too pretty to be a him, I thought. Outside I went to watch him move. Since I was right on top of him, I could see how graceful he really is. He wasn’t too happy with my attention either. I guess since others might think he is a green copperhead as I have heard some of the neighbors say, that he might think I had real bad intentions for him. The neighbors also finished their statement off with, “You had better kill it.” That would make a little green snake a little leery of people, wouldn’t it?

I try never to kill an animal unless it is trying to harm my family. There is good reason for every animal to be here. God made it so. And although some of us animals go extinct, there is reason for that too. Snakes kill other snakes but they also eat bugs and on and on. You know the rest.

One tarantula I met would leave his burrow once a year to go meet with his mistress. He traveled the same way each year and I kinda got to know him. He was pretty wonderful. And you know what? Those little hairs on his back are stiff. They look soft but their not. He was mostly good about my touching him until I kept following him across the yard and he had to show me his lovely red fangs. Those things are big. Guess after I kept touching him, he thought I might be going to eat him. Just like the little snake, he preferred to being away from me rather than to fight. Wish more humans were like that. Instead of hurting others, they would just walk away but us humans are much more inhumane than that.

Da Juana