A soul mate isn’t necessarily a lover as most think!

A soul mate isn’t necessarily a lover as most think!

“Will I ever find my soul mate,” is an inquiry that is often requested in my readings?

To those that ask I say them that a soul mate isn’t always a lover. As a matter of fact this perfectly matched mate may be a sibling, parent, friend, and here I go, animal that is capable of understanding all your idiosyncrasies.

A soul is created from “the one that is all,” whatever you may call your deity. We’re only extensions of the perfect soul who made “all that is.” Your soul mate is the spirit directly touching you in creation.

An instance for this representation is this. Look at each individual person or animal, housing a soul, as a single thread making up a quilt. Alone it’s just thread but when woven together into the tapestry of life, it’s something amazing for the eyes. When looking at this magnificent quilt you realize it took great planning and organization. As a thread in the midst of the quilt, those threads closest to you are your soul mates because they got some of the same spiritual DNA you got.

A soul mate is the soul you find familiar even when you’ve just met. When I say “familiar” I mean the one that you know instantly and who knows you as well. Perfect knowledge of each other is apparent through review. Your ease with your perfect mate has you chattering on as if you’ve been together forever. And you have.

And don’t point out to me that animals can’t chat with you. I know better because, and this could label me insane, I communicate with them. Furthermore, ask any pet lover. They know what I mean because they communicate with their animal friends on a metaphysical level even if they can’t hear their pets speak in the manner in which we generally use.

A good friend of mine told me when I mentioned I hear my dogs speak in English that the other side or the paranormal world, if you will, translates the words. Who am I to argue? I’ve spoken Yiddish before when giving a reading. That’s funny because I don’t even know what “oy vey,” misspelled I think, means other than an exclamation.
The other side which includes “all that is” tends to send me guides, dead and alive, such as my friend, to help me understand issues I can’t logically explain. If it makes sense I use it just as I’ve said you should do on numerous occasions.

There are no accidents in life. Everything in my life is done for a reason so that I can learn on a paranormal scale. One of the best things I’ve done is allow a homeless little white girl to come live with me only because my other puppy told me that she wouldn’t leave without her.

This new puppy needing a home happened at a time in my life fraught with change. I wanted to leave as much responsibility to others as far behind as I could. Madeline wouldn’t have it. So we have one that is settling into our home and hearts quite nicely.

Madeline’s sister, Mysti, died almost three years ago. It feels longer and shorter at the same time. Mysti was stoic and rarely played with Madeline, most often telling Madeline to leave her alone completely. So Madeline’s life had little doggie joy other than momma being the center of her world. Madeline was never taught to play by Mysti unless it involved some little tugging so that she could throw her sister around and then walk off smugly.

From the first day with Gabrielle, Madeline has urged the little white dog to be happy even though she knew she was sad from loss of her parents. Though Madeline had no idea of play, she gently pushed and prodded until Gabrielle started coming around. I’d find Madeline kissing Gabrielle almost every morning and sleeping blissfully, together side-by-side looking like one side of quotation marks during the day if they weren’t romping.

Unlike Mysti and Madeline, the white and the gray one walk side-by-side into life which includes visiting the yard for bathroom privileges, cookies and any other incidentals that may occur. From the beginning they knew immediately each other’s moods. Gabrielle taught Madeline to play and they romp through the house many times a day. They look at each other, read each other’s minds and decide how to act instantaneously like a flock of birds moving precisely over the skies.

Both are girls. So there’s no lover in the conventional sense and I haven’t noticed any lover attributes. They’re the best of friends, true soul mates.

This is but one example of a soul mate. And you may find more than one in a lifetime. After all your soul, as the word implies, mate has been with you for eons. We return again and again to life in new physical clothing to live meeting with those souls who know us better than anyone.

Look over your life now and decide who your true soul mate is.

Da Juana

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