A spa day…….

Today, I think I need a day spa.  You know, you just have some of those days and this is definitely one.  It started right after I woke up this morning as I was having a first cup of coffee.  Some might not love coffee but I do although my favorite is tea, iced tea.  I don’t dilute my wonderful cup of coffee with cream or sugar and my iced tea is just that. 

My mornings are mine.  I try to get up early, have my coffee, feed my girls and savor the day.  By the time the first phone call came, really when I answered it, I could tell that I was going to need the whole pot.  As I hung up, the next call came and then the next.  I know you’re aware that you can have good items come for you in the middle of a day fraught with, shall I say it, hearing other people’s miseries and finding a few for yourself.  Not that I do that but I’ve had a day.  And though you might want me just to talk about the good times, you get me good or bad but it’s mostly always good, even when I’m down. 

It’s just been a very hectic, tedious day and guess what?  It’s been one that I thank God I’ve had because they are all good no matter what.  Spiritual lessons abound.  You remember when I told you even garbage smells good, a little yucky, but good.  That’s because you have the ability to smell it.  And though I had a day like today, I was glad that I could be there.

Da Juana